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I run uTorrent 3.1.2 in my Windows 7 PC. When I download one file, I see some purple colored lines under Files Tab > Pieces. Below is an image of what I am telling (little resized);

enter image description here

I think that the light green color indicates downloaded parts. But I have no idea about purple lines. The file is a streamable mp3 file.

The connection speed is very low, about 5KB/s down and 1KB/s up. The done file size is not progressing in a smooth way (usually changes in KB are visible), it stays as it is for sometime and then changes to a size (changes in MB), and again the same thing.

Why does this happen?
What does the purple color mean?

Thank you.

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Did you even attempt to Google this or look yourself? – Dave Oct 24 '12 at 8:43
Its pretty clear what it stands for, the peice of the file is being downloaded, as the green part stands for it already been downloaded. – Ramhound Oct 24 '12 at 11:24
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For the graphical progress bar: You'll notice that there are different colors displayed for different blocks. They are as follows:

  1. Purple is downloading
  2. Green is downloaded
  3. Dark purple is downloading in Endgame mode.

However, the official colours are

  1. Dark blue means the data has been downloaded and written to disk.
  2. Medium blue means the data has been downloaded, but remains in the cache in memory, unwritten to disk.
  3. Light blue means the data has been requested from a single peer.
  4. Green means the data has been requested from multiple peers. Blocks only turn green during endgame mode.
  5. White means the data is is available in the swarm, but has not yet been downloaded.

People have commented that they suppose blue refers to purple in the manual.


UTorrent uses different icons to indicate the status of a downloading torrent. Downloading torrents are indicated by a coloured square with a white arrow pointing down.

If the square is purple, the indicated torrent is queued to download but has not begun downloading yet.

If the square is red, the indicated torrent is downloading but there is a tracking error that needs to be resolved.

If the square is blue, the indicated torrent is currently downloading.

A torrent that is uploading or seeding is indicated by a coloured square with a white arrow pointing up.

If the square is red, then the torrent is seeding but there is a tracking error that needs to be resolved.

If the square is purple, the torrent is queued to seed but is not currently uploading data to other peers.

If the square is green, the torrent is seeding and its data is being uploaded without error.


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Looks like the question is about the pieces shown for a file with different colors and not about the status of individual torrents. – M K Oct 24 '12 at 8:47
@MK , thank you for making the question clearer, I've updated my answer. – Dave Oct 24 '12 at 9:10

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