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What command do I use from the command line in Windows Vista to run a batch file called myBatch.bat?

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First you need to navigate to the batch file, you can e.g. put your batch file in the root of your harddrive (c:)

If you put it here, you can navigate to the root by typing into the command line:


Now you can run the batch file by typing


Remember that it is a period before .bat and not a comma.

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Just write in cmd line mybatch.bat

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I thought it would be that easy.Thanks –  pythonMan Oct 24 '12 at 11:39

Just write the Exact location of your batch file or jump to this location with the terminal:

  1. you can use cd to move from a directory to another
  2. use dir to see content of the current directory

then when you are in the file's directory, just type hisname.bat

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