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I was requested to capture all traffic to a specific static IP address from my Windows 7 machine, and I was wondering if there is anything built into Windows that would allow me to do so?

The device is on a fixed IP address and is connected to my machine by a USB<->ethernet converter device.

I've looked at TCPView, but that seems to show me just how many packets were sent, doesn't seem to capture the details of what's being sent.

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Windows does not have a built-in network capture tool (although it used to, back in NT 4.0).

Install Wireshark.

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Yup, that seems to do it. Thanks. –  Mike Oct 24 '12 at 16:02
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Traffic capture is not a feature built into Windows. You would need administrative privileges as well as a third-party program such as WireShark in order to do this.

You can use the Resource Monitor (a program built into Task Manager) to view the open connections, but you can't view the actual traffic being sent and received. You need a kernel driver in order to do that, hence admin privileges are needed.

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