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I'd like to merge the VOB's of a DVD into a single VOB file.

What command-line tool is recommended under Linux?

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Assuming you only care about the vobs and not anything else on the dvd, you can simply cat them together:

cat *.vob > big.vob

will work just fine.

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Didn't know this worked, wow. If you're impatient and want to see progress, you could use: cat *.VOB | pv | dd of=big.vob – SickAnimations Nov 24 '13 at 13:59

How about that :

pv *.vob > big.vob
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If you read the first sentence of the pv man page, you are right, pv is usually used between pipes. But if you read the 3rd and 4th, it says it can also be used like "cat" : "pv will copy each supplied FILE in turn to standard output (- means standard input), or if no FILEs are specified just standard input is copied. This is the same behaviour as cat(1)." Try and you will see it works :-) – SebMa Apr 9 at 21:06
I agree, but the other usage (like "cat") also works. Please, try it. – SebMa Apr 9 at 21:10
I do and here is result : pv *.aac > toto 94,2MiB 0:00:00 [ 530MiB/s] [======================================>] 100% – SebMa Apr 9 at 21:16

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