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How can I list all executables (programs) and shell scripts in a directory, sub-directory and/or PATH?

I am not talking about software that was installed with apt-get or any package manager. Using Ubuntu 12.04.

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You can use ls, for example:

ls *.bin *.py

Add any other extensions you wish to list on the command line.

A better way would be to use find, for example:

  1. Do a recursive search from the current directory

    find . -type f -executable
  2. Search the current directory

    find . -type f -executable -maxdepth 1

Note: The dot after find means search from the current directory. Change it as needed to search from other directories.

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If your'e the "creative" type, an ls command can show colorings for executable types as seen here. May not be as useful as filtering, but hey, it looks nice.

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