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Pretty much same question as the one on this thread

How to increase max hot keys per interval?

^In that one, the person who asked the question said it worked but they had to go to Files>Edit Script.. what I want to know is where they saw the option for Files so that I may do so.

To my understanding I just need to follow the answer there, however I don't know HOW to get to that page, I have no knowledge of the scripts offered online or how to use scripts in the first place. I just want to know where I can find the text file where "#MaxHotKeysPerInterval 70" is so I can do it. When I hit the AutoHotKey icon it tells me it has those scripts running, and hitting the AutoHotKey help leads me nowhere. Hopefully someone can understand how computer-dumb I am and give me a clear and concise answer a 10 year old could understand.

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There is no line #MaxHotKeysPerInterval 70, this is a default. To change it, you have to add the line #MaxHotKeysPerInterval 200 on top of the script causing the error.

To do so is quite easy: Every script you run creates a green icon with a white H inside in the tray (the lower right part of your screen). Right click on this icon, then left click on "Edit this script". A Notepad window will open, containing the code for the script. Copy the line #MaxHotKeysPerInterval 200 and paste it on top of the script (it has to stand on a line on its own). Then save (CtrlS), and close the window.

The last part is reloading your (modified) script: Right click on its tray icon, and choose "Reload this script".

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