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Everytime I have to copy a link in Chrome I need to right click and copy it. Is there any way where I press any key like ctrl, alt, shift and click on the link to directly copy it to clipboard?

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So I've checked out the official page for Mac shortcuts, for Windows and Linux too, there is NO DEFAULT shortcut for that.

However, I found an extension, what you can use to bind javascript code or browser action to create custom shortcuts. For this you need some coding skills, but not a lot.

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Thanks for the help, will try this. – Mahendra PAtel Oct 25 '12 at 9:09

You can use an extension such as KeyConfig to bind your custom keyboard shortcuts, including an option to Copy URL.

If you wish to copy the URL of the current webpage, you are essential performing 3 steps:

  1. Click on the Omnibox
  2. Select all the text
  3. Ctrl + C or right-click and Copy

A simpler way is to directly right-click at the Omibox: Google Chrome will automatically select the URL, and the context-menu with Copy is available.

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Try Vimium from google store! When pressing "yy" Chrome copies link to clipboard, when pressing "p" url in clipboard is opened in current tab. There's lots of good stuff in Vimium, be sure to check it out

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