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Normally when I open my firefox I got pages that i had opened before closing my browser. Now I have useless http://metromsn.gazeta.pl and all sites are gone...

How can anyone think that it will be good decision?!

How can I restore all my pages that I have opened last time in Firefox before those morons silently changed my home page to and change option from loading last seession to load just home page?


If anyone is interested, exact url is: http://metromsn.pl?pc=UP22&ocid=univskyhp I wonder if anyone will be fired for this.

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Try using the History menu. There's two options that I think could have those lost tabs/windows in them: History->Recently Closed Tabs and History->Recently Closed Windows. There's also the History->Restore Previous Session option, but I doubt that will be available. Otherwise, there's always the last resort option of opening the history and cherry picking what you want to reopen. Good luck!

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Unfortunately "Restore previous session" wasn't available... –  SuitUp Oct 25 '12 at 17:21

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