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We use Trixbox CE and would like something so that we can load a window that tells us which lines are in use around the office. Currently no need to use it to actually make calls or anything, but just view who is on their phone and who is not.

There are hardware versions of this like: enter image description here

We just want a software version that you could open on a secondary monitor.

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A quick search reveals a lot of options, especially paid corporate options that might be worth considering. – Breakthrough May 15 '13 at 0:39
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There are quite a number of different options. Here are a few examples:

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We went with FOP 2 as you mention here. It gives the basic functions and is very cheap and easy to set up. – Matt May 15 '13 at 12:40

Or if you prefer free solutions there's always MonAst.

Monast is a monitoring interface which acts as an operator panel for Asterisk™.

What Monast can display (in realtime)?

  • Multiple Servers
  • Users and Peers (SIP, IAX, DAHDI, Khomp, etc...)
  • Channels and Calls (with channel name and callerid)
  • Meetmes (with connected users)
  • Parked Calls
  • Queues (with all statistics, members and waiting clients)
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