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I want to make an SSH connection to another server with forwarding, but without having to log on to the remote server, nor interfere with the screen I am working on. I also need to access the connection to terminate it when I finish with it.

eg. say I want to do a mysql backup on a remote server so I use the command ssh user@remote -L 1234:localhost:3306 but after issuing the password I want to run the mysql command in the session, but be able to access the SSH connection when I finish with mysql and terminate it.

Is there some way this can be done?

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GNU screen, it should be installed on all Linux boxes by default.

Here is a good starters guide.

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answer is a bit short, perhaps you can add a brief summary of the guide – FredrikD Oct 26 '12 at 6:32
I think I have to explain myself better. It is all being done from the same window/screen automatically. I shouldn't have to switch to another Window or screen. Both the SSH command and the Mysql command should run from the same command line without switching. – vfclists Oct 26 '12 at 10:48

You could write a script with AutoHotKey to open the window, run the command(s) and then minimize the window for you to deal with later.

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I am running Linux via SSH. It isn't Windows – vfclists Oct 25 '12 at 18:48

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