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I have this Linux server in my LAN, which can be reached from anywhere using dyndns services. So when I am out, I enter to get to it. When I am at home, I could do that too, but since the computer is in the same LAN, it's faster to use the internal address

But I ssh to the server using different profile bookmarks, I have the mail program on my laptop set up to use the external dyndns address to IMAP to it, and I have a cacert certificate tied to - there are many cases to use the external address, even when I am at home.

So I am wondering, if I could route my connections to from inside directly to, without going through external DNS servers. I use an AVM Fritzbox as routing device with Firmware: FRITZ!OS 05.22, so maybe I can tell that Fritzbox to do that. I have no idea how to to it though - the docs do not help me there.

Another thought was to use the /etc/hosts file on my laptop, to route to that IP address but this would not work when I am not at home.

So how can I do it?

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But why you want to avoid external DNS servers ? – Alex Oct 28 '12 at 8:41
speed, privacy, matter of principle‚Ķ – mcnesium Oct 28 '12 at 14:48

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