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I obtained a licence key for Windows 8 through DreamSpark. Is there a way to download a Windows 8 ISO image like you could for Windows 7? I am on a non-Windows machine, so I cannot use the Secure Download Manager to download Windows 8 directly using DreamSpark.

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No one has posted links yet, give it time. Microsoft will never post them on a public page. Have a friend with a windows box download for you. –  Moab Oct 27 '12 at 2:18
Doesn't dream spark offer a regular html download? they use too... –  TheX Oct 27 '12 at 2:20
No, they don't offer a regular html download. For downloading windows 7, the following post superuser.com/questions/78761/… has the links to it. So I am looking something similar for windows 8. –  Ishan Oct 27 '12 at 3:36
I completely feel your pain. Their "secure download manager" is so terrible. However, if you give Microsoft a bunch of money and get MSDN you get good ol' HTTP downloads –  Earlz Nov 8 '12 at 21:54
To the closers: if this is off topic here, what SE site would it be on-topic for? SU is for "computer maintenance" / "sysadmin" question. I want to install an OS on my computer, but I can't do that (in this case) until I can buy it. –  Coderer Jul 12 '13 at 10:47
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My order confirmation says:

If you need to download Windows, write down your new product key and enter it here.

And it links to the Windows Setup.exe.

Additionally, there's this option:

  1. Go to https://www.mswos.com/

  2. Fill out the details of your order.

    enter image description here

  3. You'll find the download link at the bottom of the page.

    enter image description here

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Nice find but I think it would be great to have a ISO and not an EXE. I need to reformat and install Win8 and a physical DVD is essential. Where I can find an ISO ? –  Warface Nov 6 '12 at 15:12
@Warface: The installer allows you to download an ISO after you've input your product key. At least that's my understanding of it and that's what happened when I installed my upgrade. But, yeah, a direct .iso download would be a lot better. –  Oliver Salzburg Nov 6 '12 at 15:22
Yeah I just found that with this link guidingtech.com/16395/… Thanks –  Warface Nov 6 '12 at 15:36
I'm not on Windows so an EXE simply doesn't make sense. I need to install Windows 8 in a VM. –  Luke Dec 7 '13 at 8:47
@Luke Okay, so try the second suggestion. The download link on the site should lead to an ISO. Or use a different Windows VM to run the EXE. –  Oliver Salzburg Dec 7 '13 at 9:10
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Normally you can download this from DreamSpark itself, not far from where you got the key from.

Alternatively, try this URL.

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