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How to make nested Library in windows 7? and Is it possible to have nested libraries in Windows 7? were both wanting to have Nested Libraries.

Clearly this is not possible, but it is possible to add one or more Virtual Library to the Windows 7 Libraries. I can optimize the library for photos, but I cannot find any way to add my extra library so it sits below 'All photos and videos' so it does not need to be a nested library.

In addition does anyone know whether it is possible to add a Virtual Folder' to one of the Virtual Libraries so that it always contains a subset of the photos with a particular combination of tags. This would help me to publish a subset of the master photos that I hold on SkyDrive to Dropbox without having more than one copy on my local PC.

I am using WLXPhotoGallery.exe 14.4.3505.0912 (12-Oct-2012)

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