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How can I get the "Edit with ... using tabs" functionality in gVim on Windows 8 (64-bit)?

I'd like to swap out gVim's stock gvimext.dll for one that adds an "Edit with ... using tabs" option to Explorer's right-click context menu.

On Windows 7 (64-bit) I used to be able to download the DLL and swap it in by following these instructions. However, I can't get it to work in Windows 8.

  • The stock installation's context menu (sans "... using tabs") works fine (without a restart)
  • ...but after replacing the DLL the gVim context menu options disappear and the gvimext.dll no longer seems to even load. (Windows 8 was restarted)
  • if I again replace gvimext.dll with a backup of the stock DLL, the context menu options remain missing and the DLL still seems to fail to load (Windows 8 was restarted, again)
  • If I re-install gVim, the context menu items return (even without a restart)
  • What is the difference here between Windows 7 (where swapping DLL's works) and Windows 8 (where swapping DLL's fails)?
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I would direct this question toward the developer of gVim. – Ramhound Oct 28 '12 at 3:03
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I figured it out:

The gvimext.dll I wanted to swap in needed msvcr100.dll (the MS Visual C Runtime version 10), which my fresh install of Windows 8 was missing. Detailed info: The PROPER way to fix msvcr100.dll, msvcr100d.dll or d3dx9_*.dll errors.

I figured this out by opening gvimext.dll in Dependency Walker.

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Try contacting the vim-dev mailing list and asking someone to help you create a custom, Windows 8 compatible DLL.

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