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Actually, I'm trying to find-out what genre of song I listen to most. To do this, I need to find out what songs were played in last "time constraint" and how many times? VLC media player (under window 7) was my choice of weapon all the time, but I couldn't find any way to track it. How can I? Any Idea

Is it even possible, by some command from command-prompt or some 'trick'?

P.S : I know, its an evil idea. Sorry!

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Windows Media Player tracks Play Counts AFAIK. In the Expanded Tiles or Details view add the Play Count column and see the stats.

Or else you can use a better audio player like foobar2000, along with the Playback Statistics component. You can check out all the fields supported here.

If your files are tagged properly, it may also be possible to use this component's DB somehow to directly list the genres in order of playback. For that I recommend asking in the foobar forum.

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