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I have 2 SSIDs one for my ISP through an Asus RT-N66U, anther through an Asus RT-N16 for a VPN (StrongVPN) which is connected to one of the lan ports of the RT-N66U. I also have two wireless network adapters on my PC. My Asus EA-N66 linked to the ISP SSID, and a DLink DWA552 linked to my VPN SSID. I’ve set it up this way because I need the VPN to watch Netflix in my bedroom through a ROKU player (canadians need US ip addresses) and I also stream movies from my PC. However, I would like to stream to my ROKU player through the other network because the setup is faster. So my question is; how can I stream movies through the EA-N66u network adapter which, as mentioned earlier is connected to a different SSID? Is there some sort of bridge connection? Or gateway setting?

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