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The display panel in my beloved Dell XPS M1330 is about to die. I've been sent an "offer" for a new one by Dell at the cost of ~$400. Which is more than a third of the total cost of the notebook.

Can I buy this panel from somewhere else and save some money?

Note: I am from Denmark, so I'm looking for vendors either from my country or vendors who do international shipping.

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This would be the best person to use, i have bought screens of him in the past for various clients laptops

even gives instructions on how to change it

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His ranking seems solid. The bad reviews he's gotten seems to be from not-too-bright users. Thanks for the tip, Systech :) –  roosteronacid Oct 1 '09 at 11:17
very reliable seller, i have used him many times, any time dude –  admintech Oct 1 '09 at 11:35

Ring up your local laptop repair shop and see how much it would be for a replacement. If you haggle, the average retail price should be around £70-85 for standard 15.4 panels, and £90-£110 for non standard sizes, and LED ones are slightly over at around £120.

I am not giving the name of a seller as I know no one in Denmark, however if local shops are anything like the UK, the above should be true. If not, you can always try eBay... I am getting more and more parts from there recently.

Replacing a screen is very easy to do (usually).

  1. Remove the rubber pads around the screen.
  2. Unscrew all screws under the pads
  3. Unscrew the mounting of the frame to the lid.
  4. Pull the loosened section towards you
  5. Unscrew all the screws from housing
  6. Unplug the two wired backlight and signal. (do not loose the tape!)
  7. Replace the new screen with the old
  8. Do 1-6 in reverse!
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