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The default pdf handler in Windows 8 is the "Reader" app, which runs in the new UI only. Aside from using a "normal" pdf reader (Foxit/Adobe) is there any other way I can make the Reader app run in desktop ui mode. enter image description here

I am looking for this, because I am used to opening PDF and an editor side by side (50%). The modern UI only gives me one-thirds, which is not what I want

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Not possible because the Reader app was only made to be run Windows 8. (Basically what I mean is that you can only run the Reader app from the Start page)

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You can "snap" the Windows Reader to the Desktop.

  1. Open Windows Reader
  2. Go to Desktop
  3. Point with the mouse to the top-left corner until a box with Windows Reader icon appears
  4. Right click on it, and select Snap left or Snap Right
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The PDF reader is a Modern UI app; you cannot run Modern UI apps on the desktop.

You could run it on a virtual machine instead.

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wait. Run a whole OS just to read PDFs? – Journeyman Geek Oct 28 '12 at 9:55

Just use the Control Panel - Default programs and change the file association for .pdf to acrobat reader or foxit or whatever reader you prefer.

PDF's will then open up in windowed mode.

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Not UI mode but it is more manageable with :

Windows key and left, right arrow will make it 50% of the screen.
Process to use the windows key and D to put the desktop on the other side.

You also have got a bar you can move to set the size for yourself then

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