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I'm using aria2 with these aliases:

cat .bashrc
alias download='while true; do timeout -s 9 1260 aria2c -j 10 *.torrent --bt-require-crypto=true --lowest-speed-limit=1024 --disable-ipv6=true --seed-time=0 --enable-rpc=false; sleep 5; done'
alias seed='while true; do timeout -s 9 1260 aria2c --bt-require-crypto=true --check-integrity=false --bt-seed-unverified=true --disable-ipv6=true -d . *.torrent --seed-time=99999 --seed-ratio=100.0; sleep 5; done'

I use "download" to download .torrent files in a dir, and "seed" for seeding..

QUESTION: How can I optimize the seeding alias? Am I using the "best" parameters for seeding? (ex.: I have a few hundred .torrent files in the "seed" dir)

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I installed a vbox winxp and use utorrent instead :D – gasko peter Nov 7 '12 at 19:01

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