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Possible Duplicate:
How do I turn off Modern UI in Windows 8?

The actual question - how do you guys use Desktop without Start menu?

I cant use it because most of my activities is to open programs from programs menu or access shortucts like Control panel.

Now I have to switch back to Windows 8 Start with 'apps' and then run something I need and then back if I need desktop.

And control panel is accessible from desktop only (am I correct?). And so on..

So.. I dont know anymore how to effectively use Windows as a desktop OS (Office, Visual Studio etc).

Can someone offer a viable idea how desktop users must now adapt to the situation (spending hours of flipping through defferent screens is not an option - I already have Android - this is why I dont use it more than just reading and video on a go).

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You could consider a Start Menu replacement. That's what I did. Lifehacker has several suggestions here:

I'm currently trying out Pokki: - I like it so far, but the speed could be better.

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You can boot to the traditional desktop (but it is rather complicated):

The following script with launch the desktop:


If you save this to an .scr file and then set up a task to run this script when you log on you will be automatically switched to the desktop.


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As for me I don't really notice much of a change. My usual workflow for using the Start menu was

  • Hit the Windows key key
  • Type program name (or part of it)
  • Hit

And it works exactly the same with the Start screen in Windows 8. Programs I require frequently during the day are pinned to the task bar which makes launching them as simple as Windows key+1 (or 24).

I don't usually mess around in the control panel ten times a day, but if I did I would probably have it pinned to the task bar too.

On one thing you are half-right, though: The control panel exists in both the Desktop and Modern modes, but some settings are only accessible from one of the two, some are accessible from both.

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You can pin your most used applications to the taskbar:

  • either right-click the application icon when it's running and select "Pin this program to taskbar"
  • or go to Start Screen, right click on the tile of a desktop application you want to pin, and choose "Pin to taskbar" from the bottom menu

This way, you will have to switch to the Start Screen much less often.

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