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I have subtitles that are already coded into a video, but which are delayed by 700ms.

I have about 50 episodes of a show and it's getting annoying to have to set the subtitle delay in VLC everytime I want to watch it.

How can I fix these videos?

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If the subtitles are already in the video stream, as opposed to coming from an external ST file, you're out of luck. – user3463 Oct 28 '12 at 19:28
It would help to clarify if the subtitles are hardcoded, multiplexed in the video file (MKV or MP4, etc.), or if they're in a separate .srt file. Also, have you tried a subtitle editor already? – slhck Oct 28 '12 at 19:31

If you're getting the subtitles from a separate file (ending in .srt) then the easiest way is to paste them into this website, change the delay on the right hand side and press "Simple delay" to download a new subtitle file.

If you absolutely must use a program (rather than a website) then this page has a list of software (for Windows, OS X and Linux) which will not only delay subtitles but do many other useful things. There is also a Super User question asking what the best subtitle editor is.

If the subtitles are already baked into the video, then there is nothing you can do. However since you mention that you're able to change the delay in VLC, then it would suggest that you are using a separate subtitle file.

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