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I have a relatively slow Internet connection (1.2 Mbps) and I am planning to purchase the Windows 8 Pro upgrade online. However, I can only guess how much data actually needs to be downloaded by the Upgrade Assistant - I couldn't find the sizes anywhere on Microsoft's website or the Windows 8 site. By determining the actual size of the download, I can plan my time accordingly, since we're likely talking about a few hours here.

In particular, I'm asking about the 64-bit edition - but I decided to make this question generic just in case someone wonders how big the 32-bit edition is (the sizes of the ISO files that I downloaded for the Consumer Preview were quite different).

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Windows 8 / Windows 8 Pro x64 = 3.33 GiB (3,58,18,53,696 bytes) ETA: 6.6 hrs at 1.2 Mbps

Windows 8 / Windows 8 Pro x86 = 2.45 GiB (2,63,24,60,288 bytes) ETA: 4.8 hrs at 1.2 Mbps

Both the Core (normal) and Pro editions are included in one ISO. The Windows 8 setup automatically installs the edition that is available to the product key. You can also get a DVD for $20 extra.

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Root: Any supporting links or screenshots for this information? – Moab Oct 28 '12 at 23:38

This source says the installer is 2 GB. You can also shell out $20 to get it shipped to you, but that's a terrible deal.

The ordering process happens in the installer, too. Once you've paid by either credit card or PayPal, it will start downloading the 2 GB installer. You get a choice of installing immediately, installing later, or creating a USB key or disc from which to run the installer.

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Considering the sizes of the original iso's 32-bit should be 2.4GB while 64-bit is 3.2GB

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See microsoft's FAQ about downloaded upgrade:

enter image description here

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