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Thunderbird 16.01 on ubuntu 12.04.

I ran out of disk space on a new install of ubuntu 12.04 and I thought that was a bit strange - went hunting and thunderbird was eating up 96GB of disk space and was hungry for more. After a bit of reading I found the hint to "compact folders" and that reduced it back down to a manageable 2G.

However I then started having the same problem on another machine. On this machine it is on a 5G truecrypt partition (instead of encrypted home directory). Because it was only 5G it was much harder to do anything, I couldn't "compact folders" because it just got stuck with no disk space. I messed around trying to delete and archive stuff which has probably just made things worse.

This is immaped.

I'm back on the machine with ~90G available disk space to play with and I opened thunderbird and it is doing it again - it is now up to ~40G used and doesn't want to stop.

This doesn't seem to match up with other question I find which say "thunderbird is taking up a huuge 4G of space". Meet my 96G which only stopped because it ran out of space.

Any idea what is going on or how to stop it?

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I had the same problem and it is related to this bug

As stated in the "description" of the bug, "repairing the folders" solves the problem.

I just watched the folders for which the messages continuously being downloaded, then repair them by following "Repair Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird" part of

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That'd be it. Thanks! – Haru Oct 29 '12 at 5:56

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