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Possible Duplicate:
What gets synced across computers using the same Windows Live ID?

I have multiple Windows 8 systems and I use the same Windows Live ID for all of them. The benefit of using a Windows Live ID is that it syncs settings between my various Windows 8 computers. But it's annoying that it syncs the same desktop picture to each system. I want a different picture on each system.

How can I choose what settings my Windows Live account syncs between Windows 8 systems?

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If you use a Windows Live ID as your account ID for multiple Windows 8 systems, it will sync various settings between all the computers, which is beneficial in most cases.

However, if you prefer not to sync all or some settings, you can change this.

Go to the Start menu, type Sync Settings and under the 'Settings' section click "Sync your Settings".

enter image description here

You can choose to sync (or not) your:

  • System colors, background, lock screen settings, account picture
  • Desktop themes, high contrast, etc.
  • Passwords, sign in info
  • Ease of Access settings for Narrator, Magnifier, etc.
  • Keyboard and language preferences
  • App settings
  • and other Windows settings for Explorer, the mouse, etc.
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