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I recently (re-)installed the Shrewsoft VPN Client on my Windows 8 machine. Since then, at startup or after logging out, the logon screen defaults to the following screen:

Shrew Soft VPN Client
[VPN Connection combobox]
[Username field]
[Password field]

Windows Login
[Domain field]
[Username field]
[Password field]

(can't find a way to get a screenshot of the logon screen without installing third-party software)

I have to click the <- button to go back to the User Selection screen.

The VPN Client screen doesn't even show anything useful. The combo box doesn't have anything to select.

Is there any way to make the user selection screen show up by default, or at least select a default user to show?

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Have you tried PrintScrn and Win+PrintScrn? See… – Caleb Jares Oct 29 '12 at 7:28
Yes. They don't work in the Lock and Logon screens. There are utilities that allow screenshotting these screens, but I don't particularly want to install them specifically for this issue. – tvStatic Oct 29 '12 at 7:41
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This can be solved by uninstalling Shrewsoft VPN Client, then reinstalling it, but unselecting Credentials Provider. This removes the VPN Connection from the available users and restores the logon screen to selecting a user.

This doesn't help if you actually need the Credentials Provider and don't want the VPN Connection showing up by default.

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