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Is there Any way or does anyone know how to add a new theme to Windows 8? I want to load new themes for Windows 8. Other than its default one.

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You need to use a shared theme. These have the extension .themepack.

All you need to do is open this file and Windows will install the theme. You can then choose it from the list of available ones.


There are official themes on the Microsoft site in their Personalisation Gallery.

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You can obviously download .themepacks from many sources which can only change the wallpaper, screensaver, colors etc.

But, you can also install 3rd party themes which customize every aspect of Windows:


  1. Patch the UxTheme.dll file using this tool and restart your PC.
  2. Find some 3rd party themes. deviantART is a good source:
  3. Download the theme and copy all the files to %windir%\Resources\Themes.
  4. Select the theme from the Personalization window. Now you will be able to see the custom theme.
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Well you can download themes made by 3rd parties. Usually there's a .exe file or a .theme file (maybe another extension need to check) that you have to execute to add a new theme.

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