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  1. Login
  2. Windows load modern UI
  3. Only when I click on the "Desktop" tile shortcut that my desktop is really loaded, it take a few seconds to open everything (like rainmeter and other things)

How can I make windows load both modern UI and my desktop on the background? I don't want to skip the modern UI just autoload the desktop.

Similar to add something.exe to the startup, but what executable should I use? I've tried explorer.exe but didn't work.

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Its not the desktop that is holding things up, it is the applications like rainmeter doing it, not sure there is a solution for this. Is a "few seconds" really a bother? – Moab Oct 29 '12 at 16:18
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Windows 8 does load the desktop and any applications listed in the Startup group (presumably also the Run registry key) in the background after loading the start screen. This seems to occur a little later then if triggered manually but it is loaded automatically.

There is currently no native way to make it show the desktop automatically.

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