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Yesterday I completed Windows 8 download through Upgrade Assistant which took me ~14 hours. The download was completed in 2 parts, first 97% of it and the second the remaining 3% of it got completed yesterday evening.

But at the end of the download it showed an error that it cannot complete installation and there was no option to check for any errors. I had to press Quit.

When I started the Upgrade Assistant once again it started re-downloading from scratch. I very well know it happens because of not pressing the Pause button and quitting it straight away but that's not my question.

I used Recuva today to recover my old downloaded Windows 8 installation files, but I couldn't find them there. I got results of the files that I had downloaded 2 weeks ago, but not of the files that were automatically erased yesterday only.

Why did it happen?

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Redownload the Upgrade Assistant. There's a chance that the first download was corrupt.

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Yeah I did that only. Problem solved and have installed Windows 8! :D – thetechfreak Nov 3 '12 at 2:35
@thetechfreak Please mark as accepted. :) – mcandre Nov 5 '12 at 15:34

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