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I have some e-books that I've downloaded from Project Gutenberg and some other sources to my MBP. They are all DRM free. Excluding e-mail them to my Kindle as a personal document as a method (the total size is more than 5 GB, the space provided by Amazon), is there any way to transfer these books to my Kindle App on my Nexus 7 (Android Tablet). I have the Kindle App version 3.1.7

I've already seen the question Can I sync books I didn't buy from Amazon via Kindle app? but that is not the answer I'm looking for.


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The solution:

Using Android File Transfer on the Mac (, open the Nexus 7's storage space. In the list of folders, open the /kindle folder and copy .mobi (Kindle reads .mobi and NOT .epub format books). Voila, the books will now show in the Kindle App for the Nexus 7

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