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Is there a way to see a list of all the symbolic links that are active on a Windows machine?

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Try the following command:

dir /AL /S C:\
  • /A displays all files with a specific attribute, and L specifies reparse points (symlinks and directory junctions)
  • /S makes the command recursive
  • replace C:\ with the drive letter you want to scan, or with a path if you don't want to scan an entire drive
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Thank you, I was beginning to lose track! –  Louis Oct 30 '12 at 11:46
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In PowerShell

Dir C:\ -Force -Recurse -ErrorAction 'silentlycontinue' | 
  Where { $_.Attributes -match "ReparsePoint"}
  • -Force includes hidden and system files
  • -Recurse gets all child items
  • -ErrorAction 'silentlycontinue' suppresses Access to the path XYZ is denied errors
  • Where { $_.Attributes -match "ReparsePoint"} checks folders and files if it's a junction
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