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I'm looking for a tool which allows me to disable specific keystrokes on a Windows XP/7 computer, without active directory, for specific users.

For example: disabling alt + tab, but not alt + 2. Disabling the windows key completely (windows + *).

The reason for this is that the computer will be of public usage (think library), and will only run ONE program. With this, I'll try to stop any attempts to minify / close the program.

(The program itself is programmed in Java, if that matters)

I remember coming across a tool like this in the past, but I'm unable to find it again.

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Autohotkey will do as you wish. Remember to set the script and shortcut to readonly for the user

A_User will detect the current user.

This will enable/disable right click depending on the user:

hotkey, RButton UP, sub_upupandaway

    if A_User = Guest
        msgbox do something different than de default here
        Send {Click up right} ; do the default action
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