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I'm doing some basic stress testing of a Linux kernel network IWF with netcat. The set-up is fairly simple. On the target side:

nc -l -p 10000 > /dev/null

And on my desktop I was running:

cat /dev/urandom | nc 10000

I'm using urandom for some poor-mans fuzz testing. However I find that even at this rate I can break something quite quickly.


So I've been playing with trickle to rate limit how fast I'm generating data:

cat /dev/urandom | trickle -u 10 nc 10000

But it's hard to tell if this is working. What would be really useful is a the pv equivilent of trickle that can work with pipes.

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just search for pv in your repositories. – EarlGray Oct 30 '12 at 17:02

Straight after posting I came across a tool called "Pipe Viewer" which seems to be just what I need.

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