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Possible Duplicate:
Make a USB drive read only
Can you make a flashdrive read-only?

Is there any way to format a USB partition as readonly? Obviously any operating system could re-format it, but is there any way, possibly using cryptography to format a partition on the drive, so that with a password, and some driver software, the drive becomes readonly, and any attempt to modify it would result in destruction of data, but not manipulation?

I am looking for software only solutions to prevent files on the flash drive from being tampered with.

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Do any of the solutions listed in "Can you make a flashdrive read-only?" work? – Karan Oct 31 '12 at 1:30

Outside of a hardware switch it can be done via some tinkering and I've posted a link below which might help. Basically if you can put an ISO/DMG on the drive which then mounts as a read-only partition you'll get your read-only. Depending on your OS it will vary how you go about doing this but thats the approach.

This link read-only flash might help with some 3rd party software if you can't do the image yourself. Just "think" CD and you should get it working.

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That link only helps if you have certain U3 drives. I will see if I can find anything about mounting a CD image on a partition. – Billy Moon Oct 30 '12 at 19:29

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