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I'm just a newbie for debian, I want to build debian for sh4 arch. When I run debbootstrap, it appears:

E: No pkgdetails available; either install perl, or build pkgdetails.c from source

I don't know where to download the pkgdetails.c, it seems already removed from debootstrap source.

The most similar code I found is here. But I'm not sure

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If you install Perl somehow (and symlink /usr/bin/perl, if it isn't there), it should work.

In some very minimal environments, that might not be that easy. For me (on a QNAP), I had qpkg available and I could install qpkg packages via the admin webinterface. That allowed me to install ipkg, which is a common package manager which might be available for your system, too.

Via ipkg, you can install Perl (ipkg install perl). For the debootstrap script, you need to have /usr/bin/perl symlinked to your Perl installation, which might be /opt/bin/perl.

On my system, ar was also missing and needed for debootstrap. Via ipkg, you can install binutils, which contains that package (just to be sure, I again symlinked that to /usr/bin/).

Some helpful discussion (with the ipkg tips) was here.

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