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Possible Duplicate:
What are the specifications required to install Windows 8?

Is there a standalone version of the program compatibility wizard that can be used on a recent Windows system to check if a program has know compatibility problems with Windows 8. For example, to check if Adobe Indesign CS5.5 is (in)compatible with Windows 8?

The official kit seems to be at

mitigate application compatibility issues before deploying Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, a Windows Update

and doesn't mention Windows 8...

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In our testing, we have found no significant issues with running CS5.5, CS6, or Acrobat products with Windows 8.

Adobe's compatibility page

In general, if you want to check compatibility, use the Windows Compatibility page, which carries a community rating as well.

If you want a standalone tool, there is also the Upgrade Assistant from Microsoft which can generate a report of all installed software and possible incompatibilities with Windows 8.

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When I downloaded the Windows 8 Upgrade I got a program that checked compatibility (Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor or something like that it was called) and only afterwards purchased and downloaded the actual Windows installation.

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