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One of the best new features introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8 is the Fast Hybrid Boot, which improves Windows 8 boot times up to 70% compared to Windows 7:

enter image description here

Basically, what this new technique does is resume a hibernation file that was saved from Windows' previous boot. Based on the fact this hibernation file already exists on Windows 7, could the same technique be used on a Windows 7 system? How could I do such thing?

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Hibernate is technically still faster than Fast Hybrid Boot, so you can use that. – mtone Oct 31 '12 at 14:02
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From the Windows 8 Build Blog:

The new Windows 8 Hybrid Boot is fast because of the new feature called Hybrid boot. Generally in hibernation mode, all files are saved in the same state, but in Windows 8 Hybrid Boot mode only the system files are saved, so that booting will not take much time.

This can't be reproduced in Windows 7 without modifying the source code.

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Why not just use hibernate instead.

Win8 hybrid boot is combination between hibernate and shutdown

Logoff and hibernate from logon. Thats like Hybrid boot.

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