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I'm considering attempting to install a Xeon 3060/3070 onto an ASUS P5MT-M motherboard.

ASUS and Intel don't say anything about this being supported, but I want to see if SU thinks it can still be done.

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Are all your recent questions all about the same motherboard!?

Anyway, as I said in the previous question you asked - you may be able to if you reflash your BIOS, I managed to get it working - but I could swear that performance took a big hit.

If it isn't supported, I really would not risk it.

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Haha, yeah. Somewhat different questions, all in the same context. It was worth asking, I think. I don't want to drop back down to 800FSB if I don't have to. But it looks like that's what I should realistically do. – Giffyguy Oct 1 '09 at 19:32
It also looks like Xeon is not possible, since none of the pre-Core2 versions are LGA775. – Giffyguy Oct 1 '09 at 19:33

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