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When I activate slideshow mode in Powerpoint 2011 for mac, my slides get a black frame around them.

Is it possible to remove this black frame and stretch the slide to fit to the screen?

NOTE: If it's not possible, can I at least change the color of the frame?

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I have run into a similar situation. I can't say that this will work exactly, since I have PowerPoint 2010 for Windows, but the problem I have faced was that the default presentation size was not fit right for my monitor. By default, PowerPoint uses a 4:3 screen layout for new presentations. Changing this to match your screen size and shape should remove the black edges. In the 2010 version it is on the Design tab, on the option for Page Setup. According to this document (page 12), the steps in the 2011 version are to go to the Themes tab, and click on Slide Size in the Page Setup group.

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