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We had a network card go bad in our HP Laserjet 4250, we are trying to redirect the network printer we have on all computers to the computer it is connected to and print as a local job. I'll try to explain it a little more:

Network: ASD

Computer: WSE

Printer: HPWSE

Shared Netwrok Printer: HP4250

HPWSE is a local printer on WSE which is shared on ASD, we are trying to automatically redirect all print jobs from HP4250 to HPWSE.

We setup a local port on HP4250 that looked like \WSE\HPWSE and made that the default but it keeps showing jobs as offline and erroring out. Even though its offline we want them to go to HPWSE.

If you have an idea how to fix this until we can get a new network card please let us know! Trying to reteach 50 people how to choose a different printer for only a few days sounds like more of a nightmare than fixing this!

Thanks in advance,


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