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That is very weird, some machines on my domain can't connect to Skype when Kaspersky is installed/active. And even if do a fresh install on the same machines Skype stops working at the exact time that I install Kaspersky Endpoint Security with NetAgent 9.2.69. Other machines with the same programs in the same sector don't have this problem. I installed the newest version of Skype 6.x. Any ideas?

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Your policy settings can be too strict. Skype can be pretty aggressive with it's network behavior, so heuristics can false detect some rogue activity.

Try these steps first:

  • Check your policy settings to see if they interfere with Skype -
  • If you have application control turned on - check the status of the Skype app. Is it trusted? If not - check the info to see why - maybe the Skype version is shady. If everything looks good - up the privileges to Trusted and see if you can connect.
  • Otherwise, try turning components off one by one and see which one interferes with the application. Then, add it to exclusions as a temporary workaround and submit a request to Kaspersky support: They will instruct you how to collect the debug info and fix the issue.
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