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I've set up a tunnel:

$ ip tunnel add mytunnel mode gre remote x.x.x.x local y.y.y.y ttl 255
$ ip link set mytunnel up
$ ip address add dev mytunnel
$ ifconfig mytunnel up

Now, I can ping, so the tunnel is up and running right. I want all of the IPs for a specified destination ,, to go through this tunnel. Some are binded to some VLAN interfaces locally, some remote that use me as a gateway.

I've tried

$ ip ro add somedest/24 via dev mytunnel

Doing ping somedest -I fails, did a tcpdump and nothing shows up as going through the tunnel.

Am I doing it wrong? What could be the problem?

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what are you using to configure this? EDIT: where did come from? is that a device on the other end of the tunnel? – Sylvester the Cat Nov 1 '12 at 0:28

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