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I saw this post and successfully added curl to my Windows command prompt as instructed.

However, when I attempted to run curl --compressed, it says:

"the installed libcurl version doesn't support this".

Is there something that I am missing? Most of the other commands I have tried work, so I am not sure what more I need to do.

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Download cURL from here and if required, get the libcurl.dll as well.

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Where to get libcurl.dll from ? – yarek Nov 22 '15 at 20:34

That depends on how cURL was compiled (i.e. which options were selected, which libraries were involved, ...).

You could compile cURL yourself ensuring the options you need are enabled but I wouldn't recommended (it's a lengthy process and doesn't always end up well). If you need that option the one from here is the one I use. At the time of writing the version available there is 7.24 and at least curl_vista.exe supports that option.

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