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The fingerprint reader in my laptop (HP DV6 2005AX) isn't working in Windows 8. I think I had DigitalPersona drivers back in Windows 7. Their site shows that drivers for Windows 8 are not yet available. Is there a way to use my fingerprint reader in Windows 8?

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The driver for Windows 7 does work, but the part you are missing is the logon screen tie-in app. Since the logon screen in Win8 is very different, the Windows 7 HP protect tools and others do not work with it. I tried installing HP protect tools and it hosed the system (the logon screen wouldn't even load).

I recommend waiting for an official Win8 compatible driver/app combo.

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The way it worked for me (HP 6570b, Windows 8 x64, Validity VFS491): I did a clean Windows installation without HP software (bloatware?) like ProtectTools and the rest.

All you need to make fingerprint work with Windows is:

  • Install the driver from HP

  • Install latest software directly from Validity. Drivers are also included – maybe it works without HP driver installed, which I didn't test. I installed the latest available which was

After installation go to Control Panel » All Control Panel Items » Biometric Devices and enroll your fingers…

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Since Validity removed links from their site, here is mirror!YotznCLL!bc0amBSuE5SBCKcZhE4t8haIAKZD03YGMmuCEZHqIZ4 – Stritof Mar 5 at 16:19

You can try this Validity fingerprint driver (which yours has the Validity sensor), see if it gets the sensor recognized in Device Manager.

Or try your original Windows 7 driver, some drivers for W7 work in W8.

Digital Persona is the Software to set up fingerprints and security and this W7 software might also work.

You need both the Driver and Software to make it work.

This is experimental on your part though.

HP is only working on qualifying and releasing Windows 8 drivers for notebooks sold after 10/1/2011 at this time, it is unknown at this point if earlier models will have any W8 drivers released.

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