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I have an Alesis 8 channel USB 2.0 Multimix. I can connect it to the computer through an USB port, obviously. How can I use Audacity to record multiple tracks from it, and have them separate inside Audacity? I can record all tracks together just fine; I want to know how to have them stored in separate tracks digitally. Currently they all go to the same one.

EDIT: Using Windows XP. To clarify, I'm recording multiple inputs on the mixer to a single track in Audacity. I'd like to have one track per input.

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What OS? To clarify, you're currently recording multiple inputs on the Alesis to a single track in Audacity, correct? Or are you getting multiple tracks in Audacity, but only saving to one project file and need to be saving to one file per track? – quack quixote Oct 1 '09 at 22:36
Audacity forums: – quack quixote Oct 1 '09 at 22:49
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This article, Multichannel Recording, should clarify the situation.

Audacity does provide multi-channel recording, but being able to use this is very dependent upon the O/S and the sound card.

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