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I'm running Windows 8 inside VMware Fusion on OS X; everything works fine, except as you can see below, I get no icon for the battery, i.e. Windows 8 doesn't know it's running on a laptop. That has recently become a problem because Windows 8 starts doing maintenance which drains the battery faster. Presumably if it knew it was running on battery it would postpone the maintenance.

enter image description here

How can I get Windows 8 to recognize the battery?

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This almost has to be a VMware Fusion on Windows 8 driver thing. I assume this worked when the guest OS was Windows 7? If so, then check to see if VMware has newer drivers for Windows 8 yet. They might. – Mark Allen Nov 1 '12 at 7:44

I don't have Fusion but on the Windows version of Workstation 9 there is a setting per VM under Settings -> Options -> Power -> "Report battery information to guest". Checking this seems to have the desired effect.

VM Battery setting in VMWare Workstation

Presumably Fusion has something similar.

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