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I am trying to setup a custom build in Sublime Text 2. I am having difficulty getting the backslashes in the UNC path path below.

When I run this command I always end up with only one
backslash no matter if I use. \\ or \\\\\ or \\\\\\

Build File
  "shell": "true",
  "windows": {
    "cmd": ["psexec \\\\remotecomputer -s cmd /c c:\\dir"]
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Your command is parsed twice. First time when reading json, and second time - somewhere inside SublimeText itself.

Use four backslashes for each one in the resulting path and you'll be ok:

"cmd": ["psexec \\\\\\\\remotecomputer -s cmd /c c:\\\\dir"]
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That did the trick. Thanks for the help – wickchuck Nov 1 '12 at 15:15

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