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I'm using Eevee's .zshrc/.tmux.conf.

When I'm running a vim session, and I do Ctrl+z and then ⚘ fg, then it changes my tmux pane title to fg. I'd rather it change back to vim whatever.txt, or whatever I happened to be using.

How can I do this?

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Change the preexec() function in your .zshrc to

function preexec {
  local fg_title
  if [[ $* == fg* ]]; then
     if [[ $* == *%* ]]; then
        fg_title=($(jobs ${${(z)1}[2]}))
        fg_title=($(jobs %%))
     title "${fg_title[5,-1]}"
     title $*

The code is surely not optimal, but it works if you use fg oder fg %2 to put a process into foreground. However I could not figure out to make it work with fg %vi too.

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