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I want to install a windows 8 pro VM on a Xen Citrix server,

So I'm looking for an iso file with licence for 64bit Windows8 Pro, but all I can find from Microsoft's website is the upgrade from previous versions

There is no earlier windows machine on this server, so I need a fresh new install, but I can't find it. I was wondering if anyone else has done this before. And if so how is the procedure? and where can I buy a copy of Windows 8?

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It is available from Amazon, NewEgg and many other reputable resellers in OEM and System Builder licenses. (OEM) (System Builder)

Note that the Full licnese was replaced by the system builder license / OEM license. You can browse the NewEgg options at their launching page:

I haven't seen it available for download from the Microsoft site (though that doesn't mean it isn't there hiding out).

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Are System Builder and OEM the same? If I don't want to sell this machine which I don't, can I still use the OEM version? or does it violate Microsoft's policies? – user893730 Nov 1 '12 at 20:26
You should use the system builder for your own systems. OEM is targeted towards resellers (though system builder allows it as well). – iivel Nov 2 '12 at 3:16

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