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How should/do I fill this out?

New Task Sequence Wizard

I cannot find anything the helps me understand what I should put on this page. For Example

**Full Name** Whose name or Full Name of what
**Organization** I will use ours
**IE Homepage** will be

Can I just leave Full Name as Windows User and will it be blown away after I image it?

I have search and watched all the videos I could but no one goes in depth on this page. We just started exploring gathering ideas about deploying Windows 7 and knowing this I could move on about my process.

I have a lot done in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 but not this.

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Not everyone might know that MDT stands for MS Deployment Toolkit. Also, maybe this will help. (BTW, why not put in the Organization/Company's Name?) – Karan Nov 1 '12 at 19:08
I am sorry I will make it more clearer for everyone Karan thanks for the heads up. – localuser Nov 1 '12 at 19:21

This section of the Task Sequence Wizard applies to the OWNER of the machine. For example if you open Notepad and hit Help>about or Start>Run>winver it will display the info you input ie.

Full Name = IT Deparment
Organization= Company Name
IE Home Page= Your Companies website address

Thanks to Scriptimus. This guys blog is tremendous and he answers emails very quickly

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