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Possible Duplicate:
Can I use wildcards in Windows 8 search?

I know that I can easily search for a document -- provided I can remember what I named it or a non-common word it contains -- by typing on the Tiles ("Metro") screen (or by mashing Windows key + F from the desktop), but I'd like to be able to start the search at a particular spot, or at least provide a date range to search (like the "old-fangled" way of searching, in XP, for example). I like being able to supply vals such as "C:\ImportantStuff*.pdf" between (today) where file contains the phrase "the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home" (or whatever).


What I'd like to do is to be able to search for the contents of a file, e.g., if I know it contains the text "SettingsPane.GetForCurrentView().CommandsRequested += OnSettingsPaneCommandRequested;"

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In a nutshell. 'Yes, you can use many advanced searches' I would start with keywords such as: 'Size', 'Date Modified' or 'Kind'

For example Size:>10mb.

If you use the boolean operators make sure you type them in UPPER CASE


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Rock on , just was i was about to reply :) – MimiEAM Nov 1 '12 at 18:30

You can even search files effectively with command prompt if you find the default search as in effective. Very less people know this but it is very convenient.

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Hi! Link-only answers aren't considered real answers. Please post the relevant contents here, on-site. Also, your Super User account shouldn't just be used to advertise your (?) blog. – slhck Nov 1 '12 at 18:47

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